Torture.. Roc Royal Imagine


Roc …

Strings of the light from a newborn day glided across her unconscious face, the coherent mind she once obtained now in a state of blurred disarray. I watched intently as her eyelashes brushed across the tops of her cheeks, her head rotating side to side as she tried to regain her needed awareness. Her eyelids fluttered, and instantly squinted when the light from the open blinds kissed her.

"Well good morning, sunshine."

She sharply turned the way in which my voice had echoed. I was obscured in the shadows of the small room, settled in a lone, wooden chair. I’d been inspecting her the entire night, my eyes lingering along her body as she’d fought with sleep.

"What? W-where am I?" her eyes scoured the room’s entirety, trying to find a single thing that would spark her remembrance. I chuckled, "You always asked too many questions."

Once more, she glanced at me, and only then became cognizant of who she’d been talking to. “Chresanto?” her voice enunciated my name in disbelief, the strain of her eyes attempting to perceive me in the darkness of the room I’d encased myself in.

"Never thought you’d see me again, huh?" I sighed as I stood up from my seat, ambling towards her so she’d see me better.

"No," she replied. "I didn’t. Why am I here? And why …" she tried to move, but then became conversant that she’d been binded to an isolated pole, thick rope tightly securing her against the skinny metal cylinder. "Why the hell am I tied up?" her voice rose from its previously dimmed tone. I held my palms out to her. "No need to yell, Y/N. I can hear you, we’re the only two in here."

She scoffed at my smartness and without any attempt of quieting herself, she continued, “Chresanto, untie me right now and let me out of here or I’ll go get my boyfriend. You know he’s a cop!”

I snickered. “I don’t think he’d be able to do much for you anymore, Y/N.”

"What are you talking about?" she queried as I leisurely began circling the room. "You needn’t worry your pretty little head about that, Y/N," was my only response, the heavy knife still residing in my pocket feeling light, the blood that still marked its exterior a symbol of my achievement.

"What did you do to him-," Y/N began to inquire before I shot her a look of ravenous dominance. She quieted herself, and then and there, I could see the shield of wet tears begin to glaze her eyes. "Are you crazy?" her voice shook quietly. I shrugged.


I saw her mouth open, and I knew she was about to scream her heart out. “There’s no point, Y/N,” I explained simply. “No one is going to hear you.” But still, she yelled until she was hoarse, and I let her. The weaker her bellows of help left her, the easier it would be for me what I had planned to do.

Tears were now allowed to run down her face, and I went and sat by her. She instantly tensed at our closeness. “Don’t act like I’ve never been this close to you before, Y/N,” I snarled. She side-eyed me before darting her line of vision in front of her. I swiped a finger under her eye, freeing her of a solid tear. She flinched. “Please don’t touch me, Chresanto,” she begged.

"But why?" I wondered, wiping another one away. "I like touching you."

I let my finger run down through her open cleavage, immediately becoming thankful that she and her “boyfriend” had been on a date at the club when I decided to steal her away and rid her life of the man who had snuck her out of my arms. The shirt she’d been wearing revealed a lot, and I’d also gotten a look at the sexy lingerie she’d been wearing underneath while she slept, the attire that should have been meant for me and only me.

She tried moving away from me, but was forbid from her connection to the pole. I laughed, “Why are you trying to get away from me, Y/N? Do I scare you?”

She didn’t answer, only gawking straight ahead to avoid my curious gaze. I studied the outlines of her delicate face, and for a moment felt sorry for her. She wouldn’t have been in this predicament if she had stayed with me, but no, she left me for some scrub who’d never be on the level I’d been. And that angered me.

I gently pressed my lips against the soft skin of her cheek, pecking it gently. She leaned away from me as much as the rope allowed, which wasn’t much. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back, retreating the pecks across her jaw until they reached the corner of her lips. “Kiss me, Y/N,” I demanded. She shook her head, twisting her face away from mine.

She wanted to play hard? Well, I could play harder.

I grabbed her chin and forced her to face me. “I don’t think you’d want the same fate as your boyfriend, Y/N,” I pulled the small, hard knife that had been hidden inmy pocket, and let it run along her midsection. “Now would you?”

Once again, she shook her head, her eyes fearful as they bore into mine. I smiled. “Good, now kiss me.”

She tentatively allowed her full lips to pucker slightly as I pressed my own against them, the feeling not having been felt for far too long. They began to pull hungrily at hers, and I could hear her whimpers of disagreement. But instead of disconnecting, I let my tongue slip past her lips, not waiting for her permission. The muscle swam around her sweet mouth, tasting what I hadn’t been able to for almost a year. When I tried to touch along her breasts, she flinched away from me, and again when I attempted one more.

"You still tryna play hard, Y/N?" I mumbled into her mouth. "We’ll see how far that gets you."

With one last suck of her bottom lip, I pulled away from mouth and kneeled in front of her. “What are you doing?” she wondered, panic-stricken. I hushed her before I let my fingers find the button of her shorts.

"No, no, no!" she tried to twist her hips out of my reach, but she was no match. I easily undid the gold button, drawing the shorts from her legs to reveal the deep purple panties she was sporting. I eyed her privacy as if it were the most precious thing in the world, though on the contrary, it was far from ‘precious’ every time it’d run across me.

"Chresanto, what are you doing? Get off me!" Y/N demanded as my fingers hitched through the hem of the garment. I ripped them off, tossing the flimsy material to the side along with her strewn bottom attire. She was open to me, and it took everything in me not to do everything imaginable to it, something I’d been able to do at one point in time. But no matter. I’d have my way today. I’d torture the sh_t out of her.

I sat back down next to Y/N, my eyes once again washing across her features, which were contorted in a look of knowing. I leaned my lips against her ear, grabbing the lobe into my mouth as my fingers dipped into her folds. Her sharp intake of breath signified her surprise.

"I know you like how that feels," I whispered, succumbed to the feeling of wetness she was beginning to produce. "Please stop," she begged.

"I don’t wanna stop," I replied, moving my fingers faster against her cl_t. She cried out, and I enjoyed it. "Please, Chres …" she called me by my nickname, but failed to relieve herself of the rest of the proclamation. I toyed with her as I whispered things in her ear. A stray tear had found its way down her cheek again.

"F_ck," I moaned in her ear, taking pleasure in the dampness that I’d been able to evoke. I heard her breath quicken along with the pace of my fingers, the small limbs swimming on and about her moistened folds, pinching the button that aroused cries, those cries being of reluctant delight.

I demanded her to c_m, but she held back. I only rubbed faster, my fingers quickly becoming drowned in her liquid. I let a finger enter her, bringing forth what she wouldn’t allow. I jabbed into her entrance, and a whimper of content fell from her lips as her cream drizzled between her legs. I smirked in accomplishment, surging my fingers through her soiled folds before bringing the juice-drenched extremities back to my lips.

Y/N watched me warily I sucked my fingers clean, her sweet juices a pleasuring taste in my mouth. I licked my lips free of any extra I’d missed before turning to her. “Wanna taste?” I wondered.

Knowing she had no other choice but to do as I said, she watched as my fingers dove once more into her folds, retrieving a finger-ful of cream that I brought back up to her lips. She slowly opened her mouth, and I stuck the finger in, her lips and tongue feeling soft against it. “Doesn’t that taste good?” I asked. She nodded, and I swiped away the residue that had fallen onto her chin with my tongue.

"Please, no more Chresanto," Y/N converted back to her old enunciation. I looked at her strangely. "What’chu talkin’ ‘bout, girl?" I stood up and undid the buckle of my belt. "We’re just getting started."

Y/N eyed the bulge hidden behind my boxers, and I bit my lip, anticipating what I’d have her do next. I stood close to her, running a hand through her hair. She tried to turn away from me. I figured she’d understand that tatic would not work. I clenched her hair and held her head in place with one hand and pulled down my boxers with the other.

I sprang up, and her eyes widened. “You know what to do,” I concluded, awaiting for her mouth. A look of discontent lined her face, and before she could take me, I told her, “Do it like you used to.”

She had no options but to do what I told her, so, like the times before she’d been taken away from me, she kissed the tip before letting her tongue revolve around the smooth surface. I beckoned her to open her mouth wider, and when she did, I dove my manhood inside her mouth.

"You always were good at deep-throat," I spoke as she took most of me into her mouth, much more for my pleasure than for her own. I felt myself harden even more at the warm, wet feel of her mouth. "Sh_t …" I droned as I fell under her mouth’s spell. "Suck that d_ck." I felt myself touch the back of her throat, but she did not gag nor cry out. That was good, because if she did, the knife still obscured in the pocket of my strewn sweatpants would have to come into use again.

I dwelled in the feeling for what seemed like forever, and I groaned when I felt myself empty into her. “F_ck …” I voiced as I released what she was always able to educe. “Swallow every last drop,” I demanded, and she did as she was told, ridding her lip of the left over white substance when my eyes glimpsed at the weapon obscured in my pants.

"Please, can you let me go now?" she asked. I knew she felt dirty, and again, I felt sorry for her inconvenience.

But I had no plans of letting her escape.

"Not yet, baby," I responded, calling her by my favorite nickname. I noticed she flinched at the foreign title, but she didn’t speak upon it, only eyed me as leveled back down to her. I kissed her lips once more grabbing at the back of her knees.

"Now," I began as I positioned one of her legs around my waist while the other accompanied my shoulder, "time for my favorite part."

"No, Chresanto, please no! This is rape!" Y/N called out frantically, but couldn’t move do to her fix.

I chuckled. “It isn’t rape if you enjoy it.”

And with that, I plunged into her, evoking a loud cry that turned me on and only encouraged me. I advanced in and out of her wetness, her cries mixed with a sense of pleasure and a sense of animosity.

I advanced in and out of her, groaning as her wet womanhood clenched around me. I grunted as she held onto me, my thrusts seeming ceaseless as her whimpers heightened. “Sh_t, you’re so wet and tight …” I droned, as I continued on.

She pressed her lips together to suppress the moan I knew would have escaped from her if it weren’t for her pride. But, when I’d hit her g-spot one too many times, was when the yelp of pleasure, the cry I’d been waiting the entire time to hear, echoed against the walls as she spilled onto me.

I released soon after, and I grudgingly pulled out of her love cave, the feeling of her damp tightness suddenly missed. She gulped in breaths of air, and seemed even more afraid now of what I was planning to do. But, for her mercy, I was done … for now.

I leaned down once more to attack her perspired neck. Trailing my tongue across her wet skin, I whispered to her, “Now, do you wanna stay with me and keep this our little secret? Or do you wanna join your boyfriend in the graveyard? Your choice, Y/N.”

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